How To Make Your Free App Count and Generate Income From It

As most of you app developers australia would have noticed by now, the number of downloads for free apps trumps the number of downloads for paid apps by a large margin. However, in most cases, all that the developers gain from having a reasonably successful free app is satisfaction and a couple hundred dollars in revenue.

What if I told you that you could make millions from your free app? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Well, the following revenue-generating ideas will change your mind and you won’t be able to thank me enough when you are you’re left counting those millions:

·      Ads:

This one works on the assumption you have a moderately successful app with quite a number of downloads and more importantly recurring users to the app. If you can show these numbers, chances are someone out there is willing to pay for you to display an advertisement. You have to do this in a way that it does not discourage your existing users from continuing using your app and still ensure that your advertiser is satisfied. Finding a balance here can earn you some quick bucks with not much work at all.

·      In-App Purchases:


This is how most of the successful games operate nowadays. Offer the game as a free download but include unlocks/gold/coins to be purchased for better gaming options. The temptation to purchase is directly proportional to how good of an experience the game gives the users. So if you feel you have an entertaining game, then this may well be the time to make use of it.

For non-game type apps in-app purchases can be used to unlock extra features, subscriptions and even an-ad free experience.


·      Sponsorship:

This is one of the greatest ways to make money with your free app. In most cases the money is up front if your sponsors feel your app idea is great and you also get to use their means of advertising to brand the app. You can also get sponsorships for apps that are already on the market. Provided they are performing well, you can approach potential sponsors and tell them you will include their brand in the app for a certain amount of money.


·      Freemium App:

This is basically a lite version of an app or game that you can purchase. This version allows users to have a feel of what the actual app can provide when purchased. Of course this requires building two versions of the app but is actually a better way of increasing your paid app purchases.


Now that you have understood some ways of using that app to generate revenue, the important thing is to make it successful. This involves racking up a good number of downloads and having returning users. Users will return if the app is useful to them but to get them to know such an app exists is key. This is where App Marketing comes into play. Having a website and a good social media presence helps a lot. Advertising across these mediums a few days before your app is released builds up hype and expectations and increases the number of potential users. It does not hurt to invest a little in CPI (cost-per-install) as well especially if you can see yourself earning better revenue because of it.

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